Download and Install Unified Service Desk

In this article we will focus on installing Unified Service Desk (USD) with Dynamics CRM 2016.

Overview of Unified Service Desk

Firstly, lets download the required components.

Importing CRM solution and required data

Now that we have downloaded all our components. Lets extract our UII SDK and Package Deployer to a desired location.

After  you files have been extracted log into your Dynamics CRM instance as an administrator and navigate to Settings → Solutions → Import Solution. Browse to the location where you extracted the UII SDK package, navigate to the Solutions folder located at CRM2013UII\Solutions\UII and select the file (File name may differ depending on your SDK version).

When the solution has been successfully imported, navigate to Settings → Data Management → Imports and import the “UII Option.csv” Choose the default map and CRM should automatically map the data to the new entity created during the solution import.

Installing the USD desktop client

It is a fairly straightforward installation, and by just clicking next during the installation should be a safe option.  The installation will notify you if any of the required components are not installed on the client PC.


Unified Service Desk package deployer

Navigate to the location where you extracted your Unified Service Desk Package Deployer and double click on the PackageDeployer.exe file.

Select you deployment type and entre you CRM connection information.


There are three options to select from, the Base Package, the SP1 Package and the SP2 with Updates Package. Base is the easiest package to deploy but also has the least amount of functioning examples.


Select you preferred package to import and click next.

Next you will be asked for a location that the app can use to save the custom files to. Finally the deployment packager will start deploying the files needed for Unified Service Desk.

Get yourself a coffee because this takes a while.

When the deployment packager is done you can close it and start the Unified Service Desk client application. You will be promoted to entre our CRM connection information, fill it out and click Login.


And that is it USD is installed and configured.



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