Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing


microsoft-logo-transparentLicensing has historically caused some pain. Even though most users  don’t exist in traditional departmental structures anymore, licensing by application has stayed in the same constrained parameters as it always has. Which is why the impending launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365, with an all new licensing model, is going to be revolutionary.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365

dyn365_logo_transparentMicrosoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud. Microsoft 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications to help manage specific business functions, including Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Marketing, Project Service Automation and Financials. Designed to be personalized, enable greater productivity, deliver deeper insights and adapt to business needs, Dynamics 365 applications help businesses accelerate digital transformation to meet the changing needs of customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow. For more information visit the  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview Page

Dynamics 365 Licensing

Pay for what you need

The new licensing model in Dynamics 365 is inclusive, where roles are built around business outcomes. Everybody gets access to the functionality they need across Apps, Plans, and Team Members – the building blocks to the licensing structure.

  •  Light Users are your everyday people, they don’t need full permissions to all departments. They preform tasks like creating reports,  they still need access to data across the company.
  • Full Users are professional users, they are the people with licensed business apps and full permissions.


Team Members

Roles can be much more productive and effective when they have the opportunity to range across all the business apps deployed within the client. A Team Member license in Dynamics 365 gives read rights to all other apps. If you cover a person with this license, they can review data from all Dynamics 365 applications. Why is this such an exciting new offer? Because it means that there are no barriers for allowing your employees to consume information anymore.


Licensing by application is still relevant and available. With Dynamics 365, you have the option to buy applications individually or buy them through a Plan. The core applications available in Dynamics 365 are: Operations (Dynamics AX 2016), Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, and Marketing.

Note: With Dynamics 365 CRM will be changing and will not be sold as one product anymore .


Licensing by Plan allows you to use whatever you like from the applications you have deployed. This option caters to anybody who does Sales and a bit of Marketing and someone who does Operations and Finance. Dynamics 365 is taking these normal roles and adding value by giving them the flexibility to work in more than one app. By leveraging the integration across the Dynamics 365 platform, you are enabling your employees with more information to do their jobs better.

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