Editable Grids in Dynamics 365


dyn365_logo_transparentOn 1 November 2016 Microsoft released Dynamics 365, with all the hype and energy coming along with the new release Microsoft has given us a long awaited and highly desired new feature of Editable Grids. The new editable girds provides us with a rich user interface to update records from the main grids or sub-grids.

Enabling Editable Grids in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Navigate to Settings > Customizations > Customize the Systemdyn365_01

Click on the entity where you want to add the editable grid (eg. Account), navigate to the Controls tab, and then click Add Controls to display the “Add Control” dialog

In the “Add Control” dialog select Editable Grid and click Add to add an instance of the Editable Grid to the selected entity.

Enable Editable Grid as default for Web, Phone and Tablet


Save entity & Publish your customizations

If you navigate to you selected entity the editable grid will be enabled.



  • CRM inbuilt Editable Grid does not support the following data types (All other Data Types are supported):
    • State
    • Customer type field
    • Composite field
    • Partylist
    • Lookup entity related fields
  • Editable Grids will work with read-only grid metadata and configurations
  • Editable Grids support the following JavaScript events for home grid and sub-grids:
    • OnRecordSelect
    • OnSave
    • OnChange
  • Editable Grids support the following entity level Business Rules:
    • Show error message
    • Set field value
    • Set business required
    • Set default value
    • Lock or unlock field

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