Upgrade Adxstudio from 6.0.00xx to 7.0.0023


Adxstudio Portals 7.0 introduces a new way to manage Adxstudio components and data in CRM. Instead of importing CRM solutions manually, as in previous versions, simply import the AdxstudioInstaller solution, then launch the solution configuration page.

Going forward this will make solution upgrades a lot easier but before I got there I had a challenge with removing the old Adxstudio Portals Complete v6.0.00xx solution. Below is the steps I followed with getting Adxstudio upgraded from v6.0.xx to v7.0.00xx.


  • Install AdxstudioPortals7.0.0021 on your Dynamics CRM server
  • Manually install all Adxstudio CRM solutions located on your server
  • Remove Adxstudio Portals Complete v6.0.00xx Solution
  • Install AdxstudioPortals7.0.0023 on your Dynamics CRM server
  • Import AdxstudioInstaller solution into your CRM organisation
  • Update Solutions to new version using Adxstudio installer
  • Update you portal DLL’s
  • Uninstall all the Adxstudio solutions that you dont use in your portal.




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