Dynamics CRM Calculation Fields

While working on business requirements, most of the time we need to calculate values using different attributes and need to store the result in a different field. In the past you would have needed to write custom JavaScript or a Plugin to apply any calculations to fields. Since  CRM 2015 Microsoft has given CRM Administrators the ability to create calculated and roll up fields for calculations.

Lets create a new custom entity with the following two fields

  • Price (Currency Field)
  • Quantity (Number Field)
  • Tax (Currency Field)

Next we need to create the calculated field

Click Edit to configure the field calculation

  • Create condition to execute calculation when Price field contains a value grater than zero.
  • Create action (dd_price * dd_quantity + dd_tax) to perform when the above condition is met. 
  • Save & Close the calculated field then Publish All Customizations
  • Open the form and capture a value for Price, Quantity & Tax 
  • Click Save
  • The total field will contain the calculated value



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