Dynamics 365 Site Map Editor


I have been working with Dynamics CRM since version 4.0 and in the past any change that you needed to do on the Sitemap was a pain. Later we at least had awesome tools like Visual Ribbon Editor & XrmToolbox to make life a lot easier. With Dynamics 365 Microsoft has released a build in editor for us and i explain the basics in the following steps.

Editing the Default site map

  • Navigate to Settings > Solutions
  • Create a new solution called Sitemap and add the Sitemap to your solution.

Note that each App in Dynamics 365 will have its own site map

  • Double click on the sitemap you selected, this will open the Dynamics 365 Sitemap Editor 
  • The designer is very easy to use, everything is drag and drop. When creating a new sub-area you have the ability to create on of the following types.
    • Dashboard
    • Entity
    • Web Resource
    • URL
  • You can add Localized Labels for you components
  • Set the Icon, Privileges
  • Set the targeted client & SKU
  • Click Save & Publish