Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit Configuration


“The Developer Toolkit is a set of Microsoft Visual Studio Integration tools, focused on accelerating the development of custom code for Microsoft Dynamics 365(CRM)

Using the toolkit, you can create, develop and deploy CRM plug-ins, custom workflow assemblies and web resources without leaving the Visual Studio environment.”

It has been a while since the last release of the Dynamics CRM Toolkit. With the new Visual Studio toolkit for Dynamics 365 a lot has changed and with extra configuration that needs to be done before you can start using it.


There is not much to installing the toolkit. (make sure all instances of Visual Studio is closed)

  • Run the Installation file.
  • Select the target version of Visual Studio where you want to install the toolkit.
  • Click Install.

Download Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit

Download Dynamics 365 SDK


  • Extract the Dynamics 365 SDK to your desired local location.
  • Open Visual Studio
  • Click Tools -> Options
  • Expand Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit and select Tool Paths
  • Set the Plugin Registration tool & SDK Bin path to where you extracted the SDK

  • Click OK

Create Project

  • On the Visual Studio Startup page click New Project
  • Under Templates select Visual C# -> Dynamics 365 -> New Visual Studio Template for Dynamics 365 
  • Click OK
  • Select you Solution Type to Configure
    • Start from CRM : The Solution is already created in CRM
    • New CRM Solution: Create new CRM Solution for this project
  • For this blog I will select Start from CRM
  • Login using your Dynamics 365 Administrator account
  • Select your CRM solution 
  • Select Add New Templates
    • Add  Plugin Project
    • Add Customization Project
    • Add Custom Operation OR Workflow Activities
  • Click Next
  • Assign project names to each selected Template
  • Click Done
  • Your Visual Studio solution is now ready for you to start your development.